Case Study:Deb Hanson's Transformation: How Embracing Authenticity and Strategy Skyrocketed Her Real Estate Success by 200%


Deb Hanson, a seasoned real estate agent, had started her career with a 'Big Box' brokerage. While these large firms are seen by many as a security blanket, offering brand recognition and vast resources, Deb felt restricted. The one-size-fits-all approach didn't resonate with her values of personalized service and client interaction.


- Deb felt she couldn't provide personal, hands-on service at the 'Big Box' brokerage.

- The larger firm's approach didn't cater to her individualistic approach to client interaction and service.

- Despite her efforts, Deb's business growth was stagnant.

The Transition:

Deb decided to take a leap of faith amidst the challenging times of the COVID pandemic. She joined The Dowling Group at Beyond Realty, a smaller, independent brokerage.

Key Strategies Implemented:

  1. Team Collaboration: The Dowling Group emphasized a team-oriented approach where agents share knowledge, strategies, and experiences. This dynamic allowed Deb to learn from more seasoned agents and also mentor those less experienced.
  2. Focused Lead Sources: Instead of trying to capitalize on every lead source, Deb began focusing primarily on expired leads (her personal favorite) and Zillow Flex. This streamlined her efforts and increased conversion rates.
  3. Efficient Systems & Processes: The use of a Transaction Coordinator (TC) proved game-changing for Deb. By handing over transaction details to the TC, she could focus more on getting new deals. Furthermore, a CRM system was introduced to nurture leads and manage client interactions effectively.
  4. Ongoing Training & Coaching: Deb benefitted from coaching that emphasized focusing on mastering one strategy at a time, rather than chasing the latest trends.


- In just two years with The Dowling Group, Deb saw a massive 200% growth in her business.

- Her sales volume in the first quarter after the transition surpassed her entire first year at the previous brokerage.

- Deb closed on eight units with an average sales price of around $480,000, a marked improvement from her previous records.

- Her use of focused lead sources, particularly expired leads, became one of her strongest assets.


Deb Hanson's journey showcases that in the real estate industry, bigger isn't always better. By finding a brokerage that aligns with her values, emphasizes team collaboration, and uses efficient systems, Deb not only doubled her business but also found greater job satisfaction. This case study serves as an inspiration for agents looking to break free from the mold and find success on their own terms.