Case Study: Eli Burress's Transition from Big Box Brokerages to Beyond Realty


Eli Burress, once predominantly known for lot sales and having worked with big box brokerages, made the decision to join Beyond Realty. This shift marked a transformative journey in his real estate career, dramatically reshaping his business strategies and outcomes.


While working with previous brokerages, Eli experienced:

- Limited access to diversified lead sources, relying mostly on his sphere of influence.

- Lack of business knowledge, struggling with running his real estate career as a business.

- Absence of clear structures, systems, and processes, often resulting in feelings of overwhelm.

Action Taken after Joining Beyond Realty:

  1. Diversified Lead Generation: Beyond Realty exposed Eli to varied lead sources. From working predominantly with lots, he expanded to residential home sales, leveraging resources like Zillow Flex program, sign calls, and social media.
  2. Skill Development: Training became a regular feature. Beyond Realty's association with Tom Ferry coaching provided Eli and the team with invaluable insights, motivating them to strive harder.
  3. Structured Support: Eli benefited from Beyond's transaction coordinators and administrative assistance. These structures allowed him to handle multiple transactions simultaneously without feeling overwhelmed, focusing on high-value tasks like lead generation.
  4. Team Accountability & Support: Weekly one-on-ones with team leaders instilled a sense of personal accountability in Eli. Being a part of a motivated team pushed him to avoid being the "weak link" and emulate the successful strategies employed by his peers.
  5. Consistency and Processes: Beyond Realty's framework and structured processes, like the 5,5,4 method (contacting five people you know, five you don't, and doing four follow-ups), provided a clear and straightforward roadmap for Eli to follow.


  1. Increased Business Volume: Within seven months at Beyond Realty, Eli was close to achieving his annual sales target, on track to exceed his overall dollar volume goal.
  2. Business Expansion: Moving from mainly lot sales, Eli diversified into residential home sales, condo listings, and more.
  3. Improved Time Management: With support from transaction coordinators and the admin team, Eli could focus on lead generation, yielding better results.
  4. Increased Collaboration: The team-oriented environment fostered a sense of collaboration, with members readily assisting each other, enhancing productivity.
  5. Personal Growth: Beyond just business, Eli experienced significant personal growth, with increased motivation, commitment, and a clearer understanding of his goals.


Eli's journey from big box brokerages to Beyond Realty underscores the pivotal role a supportive, structured, and resource-rich brokerage can play in an agent's success. By providing access to diverse lead generation methods, offering consistent training, and fostering a team environment, Beyond Realty empowered Eli to double his business, positioning him for further growth in the future.