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A Case Study: Sue Carroll’s Transition from a Small Independent Brokerage to Beyond Realty


Sue Carroll, a real estate agent, transitioned from a small independent brokerage to Beyond Realty. This case study examines how this change impacted her business operations, professional growth, and work-life balance.


- Previous Brokerage Experience: Sue started her real estate journey at a tiny independent brokerage with only about ten agents. This was during a recession period with a high inventory, making the real estate market tough. The brokerage provided minimal support, which meant that Sue had to be a self-starter, teaching herself the intricacies of real estate contracts and procedures.

Key Challenges at the Small Independent Brokerage:

  1. Minimal Support: Sue received little guidance, leading her to learn on her own. There were no desk fees, but also no lead assistance.
  2. Intense Competition: In a location like Anna Maria, where there were around 700 agents, standing out was a significant challenge.
  3. Lack of Tools: The brokerage did not provide advanced tools, training, or marketing support, leaving Sue to manage all these aspects on her own.

Transition to Beyond Realty:

- Discovery: Sue came across Beyond Realty through emails she received. Curiosity led her to investigate further, culminating in a meeting with Beyond Realty representatives.

- Key Offerings by Beyond Realty: Beyond Realty showcased a variety of tools and support mechanisms, ranging from lead generation and marketing to advanced training modules.

Benefits Experienced Post Joining Beyond Realty:

  1. Comprehensive Training: Sue emphasized the significance of the training provided by Beyond Realty. This not only enhanced her real estate skills but also offered structured guidance, unlike her previous self-learning approach.
  2. Support System: The transaction coordinator at Beyond Realty helped Sue manage the administrative side of deals. This support allowed her to focus on core tasks, fostering efficiency.
  3. Work-Life Balance: With Beyond Realty's support and tools, Sue mastered time blocking, which significantly improved her work-life balance. She could streamline her tasks, prevent burnout, and offer better service to her clients.
  4. Marketing & Lead Generation: Beyond Realty's active marketing and lead generation tools allowed Sue to focus on sales and client interactions. This was a marked difference from her previous experience, where she had to manage everything independently.
  5. Team Dynamics: The team environment at Beyond Realty pushed Sue to strive for excellence. While she did not feel competitive towards her peers, seeing their success inspired her to amplify her efforts.


Sue’s journey from a small independent brokerage to Beyond Realty underscores the transformative power of an effective support system, robust training, and comprehensive tools in the real estate world. Her experience at Beyond Realty not only refined her professional skills but also positively impacted her personal life, leading to a balanced, more fulfilling career in real estate.