Why Luxury Homes Are in High Demand

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Why Luxury Homes Are in High Demand

Today Darren Dowling covers why luxury homes are in high demand.

Report says more people have reached a certain net-worth threshold, and that’s contributing to the increased interest in luxury housing: “In 2020, we saw a 2.2% growth in the number of individuals with wealth of over $5 million in net value, but in 2021 that number grew by an outstanding 19.8%. This total increase has resulted in the introduction of over 660,000 new individuals into the high net-worth bracket, which, combined with the existing affluent looking to both diversify and add new properties to their portfolio, provides a true insight into why the demand for luxury properties skyrocketed during 2021 and into 2022.” So, if you’re looking to make changes to your real estate portfolio or are looking to sell your current house, it may be a great time to list and benefit from the high demand for luxury homes today.

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